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Lincoln County Caring for Families in Fayetteville, Tennessee

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Lincoln County Caring for Families (or LCC4F) is a non-profit group of concerned citizens and organizations dedicated to helping Lincoln County, TN, families. Our purpose is to find and help people connect with resources for a child or family that is in need of immediate assistance, and empower them to become self-sufficient. There is no cost to you associated with this service or website. Everyone realizes that there are times in more and more people’s lives when the needs are above and beyond what they are able to provide for by themselves.

Our website offers you a list of resources made up of local people and organizations who want to be of as much service as they can be. There are many resources available in Lincoln County, and LCC4F is a connection point between people looking for resources and people providing resources. They may be able to refer you to others that can best match the needs. We are always in the process of locating more available resources. We currently have members from many different organizations including schools, DHS, DCS, mental health, churches, private organizations, plus dedicated individuals.We invite anyone who has resources to offer to contact us and we’ll work with you to add that information to this website.

Please come and meet with us. Currently we are meeting quarterly at 305 Lincoln Ave. N. in the back building. As of 11/26/2013, we’re still meeting 4th Tuesdays at noon (12:00 PM CT) but back to January for the 1st quarter (2014 are set for January 28, April 22, July 22 and October 28). Feel free to Contact us with service information or website issues.

Optin to our new email listserv. There will be occasional announcements and local needs featured. [Very low volume--we all get too much.]